Purple Panic

Ok, so as a planner, it is not often that I find myself in a ‘panic’ as, well, that’s what ‘planning’ is for, right? However, in a recent discussion regarding decor with one of my wonderful brides, it was brought to my attention that she would like her wedding colors to be purple.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you say purple?” Keeping my calm and a with a smile on my face, we finished our meeting and I was on my way. At this point the only thing that was purple was my face. As hard as it is to not over-exert personal preference and taste in another’s special day, I knew this would be a challenge.

So, who better to turn to for inspiration than some of my favorites: Grey Likes Weddings, Sarah Yates Photography, Once Wed & The Ritzy Bee Blog – just to name a few! Thanks ladies, I can breathe now!

{1} Sarah Yates Photography, Sarah + Mike Puerto Vallarta Wedding {2} Grey Likes Weddings Blog {3} The Knot {4} Gery Likes Weddings {5} Photo via Bliss Event Group {6}Photograhy from Natalie Moser Weddings {7,8,9} Photo via The Ritzy Bee Blog {10} Photography by Punam Bean, Paper Goods by Oh So Beautiful Paper via Once Wed