Coral is the new black!

Hello again!
Today I’d like to talk about one of our favorite new trends, the color CORAL!  This color seems like its everywhere these days, from fashion to home décor and, of course, weddings!  …and we love it!  It’s the perfect combination of orange, red, and pink.  Its vibrant, yet not overbearing.  Its playful, but still mature!  One my favorite things about it is that it can be used, with the right accent colors, in almost every season!  
Note the coral ribbons holding the lanterns.
We, at Carolina Food Design, did a June wedding with coral accents that turned out beautifully.  This couple chose to accent the color with navy and pale green and it looked absolutely fab!  However, coral can also be used in the fall with rich browns and tans.  Or even in the winter with ivory.  With so many options with this color, coral is definitely the new black!