Gifts for Your Parents

Last week I blogged about gifts to get your wedding party, so as a sequel to that this post is all about gifts to get your parents.
Our parents are where we get our individual definitions of love, whether wanting something just like they have or something a little different.  Either way, they are the biggest example of love and marriage your life.  They do so much to shape our lives and make sure that we are loved and that we find true love.  So on your special day how do you show your parents how thankful you are for them and the examples they’ve set?
Indubitably your mothers (and maybe even fathers) are going to cry on your wedding day.  Seeing you all dressed up, ready to make a lifelong commitment to your fiancé is a sentimental moment.  So, prepare her for the waterworks and get her an embroidered handkerchief with a personal message.  This takes care of her make up and keeps her mascara from running, but it also serves as a sweet keepsake from your special day.
Or, pick out a nice bracelet and have your florist attach her corsage to it.  This way she gets extra sparkle on your special day, and the bracelet will have sentimental value!
Now, fathers are a whole other story!  Everyone knows that dads have a very special place in daughters’ hearts.  And, vice versa, daughters have an enormous place in dads’ hearts.  So, he’ll definitely be emotional on your wedding day.   Embroidered handkerchiefs, like the ones for moms, are always a good option, especially if you think your dad will get a bit weepy. 
However, if your dad is not the crying type and has no use for a handkerchief, cuff links are another route that is available.  You can get these custom ordered with your dad’s monogram, or with a sentimental note from daddy’s little girl.  Either way, Dad is going to love them!