These Looks Are In-Tents!

Like every week I’ve been doing “market research” on different event ideas…aka spending a lot of my free time on Pinterest.  However, I was struck with such awe when I stumbled across a bunch of pins with some swoon-worthy tent inspiration!  Personally, I love tents!  I think they are one of the coolest things to do at an event, but they can look a little empty if not done correctly.  But with the right lighting, usage of color, and floral accents tents can be absolutely magical!
Check out some of these tented events done right!
Love the lanterns and that you can still see the stars!

 This one is so traditional and elegant!

The combination of fabric and assorted lanterns give this tent an eclectic vibe.

 These blue lanterns against the white tent liner are a perfect pop of color!

 The chandeliers and modern florals make this tent super chic!

So cute for a garden party or afternoon wedding reception!

You know I couldn’t resist including this ribbon accent!  Ali and I love our ribbons! 🙂