Father-Daughter Dance Songs

Today, as a follow up to last week’s blog, I’ll be focusing on some of my top choices of father-daughter dance songs!  Fathers and daughters have a distinctive bond, and I always find their dance very special.  Sometimes the fathers get emotional and show faint signs of sadness when ceremonially letting their little girl go during this dance.  Other fathers use this dance to celebrate the giant step their daughter has taken with the man she loves.  Regardless of if your dance is an emotional one or a fun, celebratory one, the father-daughter dance is a very important part of your wedding.  So, here are a few of my favorite father-daughter dance songs!  Enjoy!

Isn’t She Lovely- Stevie Wonder
The sentiment of this song is so sweet!

I Loved Her First- Heartland
A little bit of country music for our rustic-themed weddings!

Daughters- John Mayer
I just love anything John Mayer sings!
Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison
My personal favorite!  As a brown eyed girl, I’ve always planned on dancing to this song with my dad.
Comment below and tell us some of your favorite choices!