Meet: Associate Savannah Johnson

I am so excited to take over the blog for a day and FINALLY introduce our lovely associate planner {and blogging queen I may add} Savannah Johnson! Savannah has been working for CFD since January 2012, started as an intern, and has quickly moved her way to associate planner. I figured it was time for you to get to know the girl behind the blog, so here’s a little fun information about Miss Johnson…Q & A Style!

Photo: Marie Rodriguez Photography
What’s one word you’d use to describe your style? – Preppy
Traditional wedding cake or dessert table? – Wedding cake
Favorite fashion accessory – Pearls
My color this fall is… Red. I just bought a couple pairs of red pants, so red it is!
Biggest turnoff at a wedding – Bad music! Not kidding, I once attended a wedding and Disney tunes played throughout dinner! When it was time for the dance party to start, Justin Bieber tunes took over. It was hilarious/tragic.
I can’t live without my…. Pink Mac Book oh, wait no, my Lily Pulitzer planner!
Peonies or succulents? – Peonies
In my downtime I like to… watch SEC football
Bojangles or Au Bon Pain? – Bojangles or what?
You should know I… spend wayyyy too much time on Pinterest
Best thing about being in the wedding industry – I like that everyone’s event is special on its own. It’s not generic and it’s a once in a lifetime moment.