2013 Trend: Sequins

While getting ready to ring in 2013, I realized my strong love for sequins and anything sparkly.  So I got to thinking about how to translate this fashion trend into the world of weddings and special events.

There are several ways to incorporate sequins into your big day.  First is through linens.  Using sequin tablecloths adds a feeling of glamour and grandeur to the event.  However, you should only use sequin tablecloths for accent tables, like the head table or escort card table, as they can overwhelm a space.

The second way to incorporate sparkle and glamour into your event is through the use of chandeliers.    Chandeliers add shimmer and interest to any room without taking focus from other decor pieces.

The third way to add sparkle to your big day is through your wedding party’s attire.  Your bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attire should reflect the decor and overall theme of your wedding, so why not add some sparkle to your maids’ dresses?!  Have fun picking out a dress that your party wants to wear, but be careful and make sure their dresses don’t outshine yours!

Our fourth and final way to include sparkle in your wedding is through your bouquet!  Instead of using a traditional flower bouquet, you could use a bouquet filled with antique and vintage brooches.  Or instead of using lace or ribbon to wrap your bouquet, you could use sequined fabric to give it that extra little bit of glitz!