Bridesmaid Fashion

Fashion comes and goes, as does bridal and bridesmaids fashion.  We all remember the days when we were thrilled to be a bridesmaid but dreaded having to wear those dresses!

Not only were the sleeves bigger than your head (even with the permed, hairsprayed, and teased hair), but the colors and the fabrics were unflattering on EVERYONE!  It seemed like the dresses were made to make you look as ugly as possible.

Luckily, the wedding world has moved past big sleeves, unflattering colors, and cheap fabric.  Finally, we can stop dreading wearing our bridesmaid dresses and actually enjoy them!  There are so many designers that focus heavily on bridesmaid dresses, like Lula Kate, that it isn’t hard at all to find a stunning dress for a bridesmaid that will further accentuate the beauty of the bride.

This dress is a beautiful plum color made out of raw silk, with a flattering neck and hemline.

Another great thing trending in the bridesmaid dress world is the use of different styles, unified by one color.  This is great if you want to distinguish your maid of honor or if your wedding party has different body types.

As you can see, these lovely ladies look wonderful, and each of them is wearing a dress that flatters their own body!