A Father’s Day Edition of Champagne & Chandeliers

Whether your daddy is dedicated, dashing, debonair, doting, or all of the above, daddies hold a special place in the hearts of their little girls.  They are your groom in your pretend wedding as a child, they let you dance on their feet at weddings when you’re a flower girl, they fix your bike when the chain falls off so you don’t have to get dirty, they unexpectedly fill up your car with gas, and they help you move into four different apartments in college…well at least mine did!  Needless to say, the father of the bride has a huge impact on his little girl’s life, and this is why the father-daughter wedding day traditions are so important.

A friend of mine who recently got married, created a very special memory with her dad.  Instead of letting her dad see her dress when she purchased it, she kept it a secret until her wedding day.  The photographer was able to capture the emotion and elation of both father and daughter at this “Father’s First Look.”


Photo by Photography & Design by Jenny of Greenville, SC

The walk down the aisle might feel a mile long to you, but it will never be long enough for your dad. A family friend of mine said it best: “I didn’t raise her all her life, to give her away.”  But, knowing that your father accepts and approves of your husband is so important going into a marriage.


Photo by Caroline Howard of Riverland Studios in Charleston, SC

Then, perhaps the most fond memory you will have with your dad comes at the reception.  Once you have been announced with your new last name, you get to dance with the man who gave you your maiden name.  There are so many sweet songs to choose from to dance with your daddy to, but most girls have a special one picked out before they’re even engaged.  For me it will either be “Brown Eyed Girl” by Vann Morrison or “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.  But, any song you choose will be special because it is you and your daddy.  My same friend who did the Father’s First Look, also shag danced with her dad.  He was the one who taught her how to shag dance, and she eventually met her husband at a shag dance competition.  So it was only natural for her and her father to perform the South Carolina state dance!


Photo by Photography & Design by Jenny of Greenville, SC

For all the times Dad provided Band-Aids for your skinned knees, elevated you to his shoulders so you could see over everyone at parades, and stories he read at night while tucking you into bed, Dad definitely deserves to have a part in your big day!