Wedding Decor That’s Not “For the Birds”

So, I was shopping the other day…like usual.  And, I was struck with event decor inspiration…like usual.  I thought to myself, “sure, we use birdcages for people to leave cards in for the bride and groom, but what if we used them as centerpieces?”.  Now, I’m know this is not a purely original thought on my part, and a multitude of pictures on the internet evidence this.  However, I am still excited to (hopefully!) use this idea for a future client!

Just picture it, a large room with plenty of architectural features to be beautiful on its own, chandeliers lit ever so softly so everything looks like it is glowing, tables with khaki linens, surrounded by mahogany colored chivari chairs.  Then you see it, in the middle of each table is a different birdcage.  Each is a slightly different shape, but the unifying element is the gorgeous arrangements of white flowers and greenery that is cascading out of the birdcage.  White flowers ranging from daisies, to peonies, to anemones, to hydrangeas, all mixed together with green ivy, baby’s breath, and queen anne’s lace like they sprouted out of the dirt side by side.