The Bow-quet

You may have seen this picture of my friend’s “bow-quet” on our Instagram account a few weeks ago ( if you’re not already following us), and this is the blog post I promised to all of y’all!

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It is a southern tradition for the Maid of Honor to keep all of the bows from the bride’s wedding showers and create a bouquet from the bows for the bride to carry at her wedding rehearsal.  This “bow-quet” as I like to call it, represents the best wishes that family and friends send to the bride and groom.

Ways to create a bow-quet vary from person to person, but we used a paper plate and a hot glue gun for this one.  We cut the paper plate in a small circle and cut a tiny circle in the middle.  We twisted the burlap ribbon into a stem for the bow-quet and guided it through the hole in the middle of the plate.  From there we hot glued the bows so that the paper plate was hidden.  To top it all off, we tied one last bow around the stem…and tah-dah!