Introducing Ashley-Our New Fabulous Intern

The quickly approaching Spring wedding season calls for a fabulous (and I do mean FABULOUS) new intern!  Her name is Ashley, and she is a student at the College of Charleston.  I took some time to sit down with her this week to find out a little more about her background and where she’s looking to go!

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Savannah Johnson: What made you interested in joining the event planning industry?
Ashley Konkle: I took my first Hospitality & Tourism class last semester and really enjoyed learning about the industry, so I wanted to get some real, hands-on experience.

SJ:  What are you most looking forward to in your internship?
AK:  I am looking forward to the actual event days and seeing how each event is different.

SJ:  What is something you want our readers to know about you?
AK:  I want to stay living in Charleston, even after I graduate from the College.

SJ:  So since you’re still in college, do you have big Spring Break plans?
AK: Yes, actually.  I am going to Madrid and Barcelona

SJ: What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?
AK:  Hall’s Chophouse, for sure!

SJ: What item can you not live without?
AK: My planner.  Organization is key in my life.

SJ:  If you had to pick anywhere other than Charleston to live, where would it be?
AK: Miami.  I love the warm weather!

SJ:  Speaking of warm weather (and hopefully we’ll have some here soon!), what is your favorite summertime activity?
AK: I really love to play soccer on the beach.

SJ: What is the epitome of a southern wedding to you?
AK:  Well, I always think of outdoor weddings with large, picturesque Oak trees and sailcloth tents.