Groom Gifts

When people think about weddings, they don’t often think about the bride giving the groom a gift on their wedding day.  Sure, the groom is expected to give the bride a token of his love, but what does the groom get?  We’re listing some of our favorite gifts for your groom on the blog today!

Personalized Cuff Links
If your guy is a dapper stud that loves getting dressed up, get him a pair of nice cuff links.  He can wear them at the wedding, and then every time he wears them to a gala or nice dinner he’ll be reminded of the magical day that you two vowed to spend your lives together.

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We love these monogrammed cuff links from Ben Silver! They are the perfect combination of traditional and personal. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a monogram in the South!

A Classic Watch 
In the age where our cell phone is our lifeblood and we use it for everything, including telling time, bring your husband-to-be back to the days where two people could be together without any outside interruptions.

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This classic Rolex will look great on your groom on wedding day, in the board room, and on the golf course. You can’t go wrong with a look like this.

A Pair of Shoes
Not every groom is interested in cuff links and a Rolex.  Some guys like to keep it simple with a pair of Converse All Stars and jeans.  If this is your guy, get him a fresh pair of kicks as his wedding present.

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We love the personalization of this pair of Converse. You could put your groom’s name or your wedding date! Photo by: Our Labor of Love