Sweating for the Wedding

Greetings, lovely followers! We have something totally different for you on the blog today – health and nutrition!! How in the world does that relate to the world of events and weddings?! Well, my friends, we’re here to tell you why! It’s two fold, really, and affects both the brides AND planners!

 What bride doesn’t want to tone up and adopt some healthy eating patterns to fit into that perfect dress?
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What planner isn’t running around like crazy, full of stress, and living off of banquet food and diet coke? (That may or may not be team members Savannah and Ali eating a whole plate of Mac N’ Cheese)
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We thought we’d give you a few tips on how brides, and planners, can stay healthy during event season, and every day!

TIP #1: Get Personal

personal training, next level fitness, a.caldwell events, charleston wedding planningWe found that one of the best ways to stay accountable is through working with a personal trainer. Meredith Deckert, a certified personal trainer, and owner of Next Level Fitness, has some great tips to ensure a “Slimming Success”!

“With all the planning, choices, and meetings brides and planners face on a daily basis, normal day-to-day life gets turned upside down – eating on the go, quick, and sometimes unhealthy choices make for the fastest meals. Gym time, meal prep, and planning can go out the window then, boom, all of a sudden your clothes are fitting tighter and your coveted “bride body” is quickly escaping! There are a few easy and simple steps to take to stop the derailment before it even gets started.

1.            Schedule it! Just like a wedding is planned one appointment or meeting at a time, working out & eating healthy need to become part of that same day-to-day schedule. If there is not proper time allotted for exercise, meal prep, etc., chances are it won’t happen. Make an appointment to work out and to plan weekly meals.

2.            Commit to it! As the planning goes on, and time begins to shorten, stay committed to the process. The process of daily exercise and cLEAN eating will create success come wedding day and even on to the Honeymoon!!

3.            Be Flexible! Although exercise and cLEAN eating should happen on a daily basis, be realistic, there are days or even weeks when it just doesn’t happen. Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up because it’s proving difficult – don’t! Be kind to yourself, be flexible, and realize that becoming fit happens over time and not in a day, or even a week. Continue the grind and remember: good things come to those who work hard!”

You can check out her very own blog, website, and cLEAN recipes here: nextlevelfitnesscharleston.com/.

TIP #2: Use your tools

fitness wearable, garmin vivofit, a.caldwell events, charleston wedding planner, charleston fitnessWith so many great tools out there today, Meredith Deckert gives us some more good advice…

“Fitness ‘wearable’s’ are a popular & easy way to track daily activity from how many steps you take each day to how many hours of REM sleep you are getting per night. These high-tech gadgets do it all but, which ones are the MOST accurate??

That answer is a tricky one & lies in what your goals are for the gadget! Here is a quick article from the American Council on Exercise that provides more insight into these cool number crunchers!”


Meredith’s personal favorite is the Garmin Vivofit.  “So far in my experience, aside from Garmin’s initial glitches, the device works very well & is the most accurate for the all-around exercises!”

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A.Caldwell Events owner, Ali Muller, loves My Fitness Pal! “It helped me stay accountable to myself. It allows me to see how many calories I am taking in and how many I have left in the day, without having to guess. It can also sync with programs, such as Map My Run, which is a plus!”

 TIP #3: Be Creative

beach workout, ali caldwell fisher, ali mullerGoing to the gym doesn’t have to be the only method you use to get healthy. Ali loves the beach and loves to run. “One of my favorite activities is going for a run on a sunny day! We only live four miles from Sullivan’s Island, so I take every chance I can get to run to the beach!”




ashley konkle, soccer player, intern                                                                                     Ashley Konkle, another ACE team member, loves to catch a good game of soccer. (Yea, she’s the one out front crushing it!)






wakeboard, wando riverAssociate Planner (and bride!), Savannah, says that her favorite way to exercise during summertime is through watersports, whether it is swimming, water skiing, or wakeboarding on the Wando River.