The Guide to Getting a Good Guest Review

With Spring wedding season fully upon us, it is time for a little guest refresher.  It is true that without a bride and groom, there could be no wedding.  But, it is also true that without guests, there would be no fun wedding!  Each guest that is invited to a wedding has a special place in the bride and grooms heart.  And, while it is the hosts’ responsibility to treat their guests to a great time, it is the guests responsibility to be gracious and an all-around good guest.  Here are some of our do-s and don’t-s to being a good guest!


Wear shoes you can’t walk/dance in.
Shoes are a big deal.  I cannot tell you how many times during a wedding reception that I cringe from seeing a girl out on the dance floor with her vodka + soda and no shoes on.  It is only a matter of time before you [or someone else] drops their drink on the dance floor and the glass shatters everywhere.  No matter how hard we try, chances are there are still tiny shards of glass are all over the dance floor, and a trip to the ER for a foot that has been cut open is not on anyone’s wedding dancing, bride and groom, lowndes grove, patrick properties hospitality group, charleston wedding venue, charleston wedding, reese moore weddings, charleston wedding photographer, a.caldwell events, charleston wedding planner, december wedding, wedding, new york bride, new york groom, silver belle, charleston weddings magazinePhoto by Reese Moore Weddings.

Monopolize the bride and groom’s time.
Each and every person invited to a wedding is a cherished friend or member of the bride or groom’s family so it is only natural that the newlyweds will want to speak with everyone, if only for a few minutes.  Thank the couple for inviting you, congratulate them on their marriage, and let them move on to the next guest.  Hopefully, y’all can catch up at the post-wedding brunch or once the couple gets back from their honeymoon.

Overshadow the bride.
This should be a no brainer, but it applies to guests, mothers of the bride and groom, and bridesmaids.  Put down the white/cream/ivory dress and step away slowly.  A wedding is the one time that a girl can look forward to having the spotlight totally on her.

Don’t be that guy or girl.  Just don’t.  If the bride and groom have to warn their wedding planner months ahead of time that you will drink too much and start biting people (true story), you need to re-evaluate your life, sir or madam.  Moral of the story, let the other guests remember how beautiful the bride was or how great the band was, not how schnockered you got because you couldn’t handle the open bar.
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Research the venue.
If the wedding ceremony is going to take place outdoors during the spring or summer, make sure to dress appropriately.  You don’t want to roast in the sun in a three-quarter length sleeve dress- no matter how cute it is!  Same goes for weddings in the cooler months.  Also, a bottle of travel size bug spray is not a bad thing to keep in your clutch for outdoor Charleston weddings.  Trust us, you’ll instantly be the most popular guest there if those mosquitoes start biting.lowndes grove, charleston wedding venue, patrick properties hospitality group, charleston wedding venue, riverland studios, charleston wedding photographer, a.caldwell events, charleston wedding planner, charleston wedding, spring weddingPhoto by Shannon for Riverland Studios.

Be on time.
This goes back to doing your research.  If you are in an unfamiliar place for a destination wedding, make sure to give yourself some extra time to get there.  It is polite to arrive a half hour before the ceremony begins so you can have time to say your hellos to other guests and find a seat.  Plus, if you’re early, you’ll never interrupt the bride during her walk down the aisle.

Follow the dress code.
If the bride and groom go so far as to list a dress code on the invitation, please follow it.  Some venues require that guests to wear certain garments, such as jackets.

Wear comfortable shoes.
This may sound like I’m being redundant, but shoes are that big of a deal!  As a wedding guest, nothing is worse than being distracted by your aching feet while you’re trying to get down on the dance floor.  I cannot stress this enough, buy invest in a pair of comfortable shoes that are also fashionable.  Your feet will thank you later!

Practice your dance moves.
Whether it is with a partner, by yourself in front of a mirror, or in front of your friends, give your dance moves a trial run!  This way you can work out any kinks (and try to figure out why you make that weird face while you do the sprinkler) before you hit the dance floor with 100 other people.
carlton dance

Have fun!
Last but not least, have a good time!  A wedding is a joyous occasion, so have a drink, mingle and get on the dance floor!

Until next time!