Introducing Our New Intern: Dawson

We’ve recently brought on another fabulous intern from the College of Charleston, and we can’t wait for you to get to know her!  She’s as energetic as her personality is sparkly and she brings a whole new dynamic to the A.Caldwell Events team!  Intoducing: Dawson!

dawson, intern, a.caldwell events

Savannah: What brought you to Charleston from your hometown of Montgomery, Alabama?
Dawson: Basically the city.  When I visited the College of Charleston, I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else but in Charleston.

S: The South is known for our Mama’s having some of the best advice around.  Did your mom give you any profound advice before you left for your big move?
D: She is always giving me advice but two pieces stick out most.  1. Always stay true to yourself and what you know is right.  2. Always have a positive attitude.

S: What is your favorite thing about Charleston?
D: There is always something to do whether it is events, going to the beach, or just walking around and exploring the city.

S: What made you want to dive into the event planning industry?
D: It was a combination of loving people and their moment and also being able to use my organizational and style skills.

S: Has your internship matched up to what your expectations?  How so?
D: I honestly like it a lot more than I thought I would.  It is more personal than anticipated, and I feel so comfortable with the staff of A.Caldwell Events.

S: Now that you have a few events under your belt, how would you describe a “Charleston Wedding”?
D: They seem to all be tied together by an overreaching romantic feeling.  I think that’s what makes Charleston so special.

S: What has been your favorite aspects of events in your experience so far?
D: Besides event day, I really like going to Eventworks and playing with all the different options- linens, silver, glassware, china, etc.  I also have enjoyed going to catering tastings!

S: What do you hope to learn more about?
D: I’d like to learn more of the behind the scenes preparation that goes into a wedding, like everything that happens in the office on a day-to-day basis.  I’m also looking forward to being able to get to know our clients more than meeting them for the first time on wedding day.