Wedding Insurance: To Buy or Not To Buy?

You’ve planned your entire Charleston wedding down to the most minor of details. You’ve hired an amazing caterer, a groovy band, and your flowers are to-die-for. But, a week before your wedding a hurricane is predicted to hit the lowcountry.  Where do you go from here?

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We all have insurance for our cars and homes, but what about for wedding days?  With today being the 26th anniversary of devastating Hurricane Hugo, we can’t help but think of what we would do if we had a wedding on September 21st, 1989. Would the show go on or would it have to be cancelled or postponed?

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Wedding couples have been insuring their weddings for nearly 20 years but the concept was extremely catapulted in August 2011. Hurricane Irene disrupted over 6,000 weddings along the East Coast (CNN Money) and then Superstorm Sandy affected more than 2,300 weddings along the same coastline the following October (Mashable). Unfortunately, many of those weddings were uninsured and couples were left scrambling to salvage any remaining parts of their wedding plans.

For the cost of an extra guest, you can purchase peace of mind through an insurance policy. It is recommended for coverage to be purchased as soon as you start signing contracts and placing deposits. Of all days, your wedding day should be perfect. Peace of mind is truly priceless.

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The Wedding Protector Plan®, a no deductible policy, provides cancellation/postponement wedding insurance coverage for many problems such as severe weather causing wedding cancellation or postponement, transportation shutdowns, lost deposits, military deployment, and other headaches that can ruin the anticipated celebration. Consumers also have the option to add private event liability as an endorsement to their private event insurance policy. Policies can be purchased up to two years in advance.

We encourage each of our brides to invest in wedding insurance to protect one of the biggest days of your lives. We highly recommend the Wedding Protector Plan purchased through Mappus Insurance Agency and underwritten by Traveler’s Insurance. For a small price, the policy can provide peace of mind regarding catastrophic weather, sudden illness, and liability.