What To Expect: Tastings

We find that most of our brides and grooms are wedding planning for the first time. Yes, they may have been a part of a sibling or friend’s wedding planning, but they have not been through the whole process in the coveted bride and groom role. And, a lot of times they don’t know what to expect at certain meetings.

While catering tastings might be old hat to us planners and we may have worked with a catering company a thousand times, it is important for us to remember that this might be the first meeting the bride and groom are having with this vendor and that they need to use this time to gain trust in their vendors. Here’s what brides and grooms can expect from most catering and cake tastings…

A Lot of Food
This particular photo comes from a cake tasting we recently did at Ashley Bakery. As you can see, Ashley Bakery allows clients to taste each type of cake they offer. Some bakeries allow you to choose three or four different flavors to try at your cake tasting. Either way, this makes for a very full belly! Your catering tasting will probably also leave you ready for a nap. You’ll typically get to try 4-5 passed appetizers and your station or plated dinner options. The purpose of your tasting is not to try every single thing the caterer offers, but to get a better idea of the taste of their food.
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A Lot of Options
Caterers like to give plenty of options so that you can truly customize your menu to be exactly what you want it to be. Want Gouda instead of Cheddar in your Macaroni & Cheese? Sub out the Fingerling Potatoes for Potatoes Au Gratin? Merlot Demi instead of Horseradish on the carving station? The options sometimes overwhelm brides and grooms, but remember that this day is about you. If you want to keep everything as it is on the menu- great! If you want to change a few things up- fantastic!
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A Great Time
We like to refer to Tasting Day as the most fun day of wedding planning. I mean who doesn’t want to sit around and nosh on the yummy food they’ll be enjoying on their wedding day? Not only that, but the time between courses gives your wedding planner and catering manager a chance to get to know you beyond your wedding date, guest count, and menu choices.

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