Introducing our Newest Intern: Ariana

We are so excited to introduce the newest addition to the A.Caldwell Events team, our new intern, Ariana! With a go-getter attitude, combined with her enthusiasm to learn, Ariana is already proving to be a strong addition to the team. I sat down with Ariana to learn a little bit more about her and where her passion for the Hospitality industry began.

Ashley: What brought you to Charleston from Chapel Hill, NC?
Ariana: I actually never even considered coming to Charleston until my later high school years. I always thought I wanted to go to a big school, so my Dad and I toured some large universities in the south. On our way back home he told me that he thought I would really like Charleston. We stopped by and I absolutely fell in love with the city! I knew right then that College of Charleston was the school for me!

Ashley: What sparked your interest in the Hospitality industry, specifically event planning?
Ariana: I always thought I wanted to study psychology. During my first semester of college, I took my first psychology course and decided that while it was interesting, it was not for me. I had always liked the idea of wedding planning, but it always seemed more of a distant dream rather than a reality. When I decided I wanted to switch my major, I began to reconsider everything, and I decided I should just go for it and see what happens!

Ashley: I love your excitement for events! What excites you the most about working with A.Caldwell Events?
Ariana: So many things! I am so excited to work with such a great team and be able to gain hands-on experience with event planning. I have had internships before, however, I was never given the opportunity to work the actual event so I am very excited to be able to see the planning process leading up to event day.

Ashley: You recently worked your first wedding (and did a fabulous job!) with A.Caldwell Events. What did you enjoy the most about the day and how did it differentiate from your expectations?
Ariana: It was so much fun! I think my favorite part was that this was my first real event with A.Caldwell Events, and rather than having me stand back and observe, I was thrown right in and able to assist. It definitely exceeded my expectations!

Ashley: Wedding trends are constantly changing—what are some of the current wedding trends that you are loving at the moment?
Ariana: I am really enjoying the touches of metallic colors! I love the small hints of copper and rose gold that are making their appearances this year

Ashley: When you think of a southern wedding, what comes to mind?
Ariana: I love how southern weddings often do not consist of a typical, full-seated, plated dinner. I think stations are such a fun idea for guests to try a variety of different options and have more of an opportunity to mix and mingle.

We are so thrilled to have this lovely lady on our team and cannot wait for her to continue to learn and grow with us!