Have A Seat!

For couples who opt for a full-seated, plated dinner as oppose to a partial seating, stationed dinner, escort cards are a must to assist guests in locating their seat for dinner. While some brides choose to stick with traditional escort cards with guest names and table numbers, many brides get creative and select an item or memoir for guests to keep as their escort cards.

Simpson, Reese Moore Photography

One of our sweet brides attached her escort cards to individual champagne flutes for her guests to grab as they entered the reception from the ceremony. Reese Moore Photography



Another one of our wonderful clients (and fellow lover of good wine might I add!) hung their alphabetized escort cards from manzanita branches and had mini wine bottles awaiting each guest at their assigned seat. Richard Bell Photography


Cadence & Eli Photography, Rocket Science Weddings & Events

This inspiration came from an artistic bride that took to Photoshop and created escort cards that resembled each of her guests. What a way to personalize and make each guest feel welcome! Cadence & Eli Photography


Ella Blue Studio

This inspiration comes from a couple that loves to travel and lived all over the world. They framed a map and pinned some of their favorite places and used those cities to represent tables. What a unique way to share one of their passions with their guests! Ella Blue Studio