Summer Series: After “I Do” Lacy + Grier


Lacy & Grier were our first wedding of the 2016 Spring season and we could not have started off the year with a sweeter couple. Their William Aiken wedding was filled with gorgeous greenery and pops of peach and coral floral. I caught up with Lacy to see how life has been since the big day back in March!

Ashley: It has been nearly 3 months since the big day at the William Aiken House (wow, does time fly)! How has married life treated the both of you the past couple months?

Lacy: We moved to a new house a couple weeks before the wedding (yes, everyone thought I was crazy!), so we’ve enjoyed settling in, decorating, and trying our hand at a little gardening.

Ashley: Looking back on your wedding day, what part of the day stands out the most to you and why?

Lacy: At the end of the ceremony, walking up the aisle with Grier “as husband and wife” probably stands out the most. At that point, I could finally breathe and relax a little. I even whispered to Grier to slow down a bit so I could take it all in.

Ashley: What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Lacy: Not having to worry or stress about the planning 🙂 From the start, Ali and her team were exceptionally responsive and reliable. Ali would send me the most thoughtful inspiration & color palates that allowed me to really see all the pieces coming together. Having a visual of fabrics, flowers, lighting, furniture and everything else was helpful for me to trust the process and rely on the experts.

Ashley: What was the biggest challenge for you to overcome while planning the wedding?

Lacy: I wasn’t one who had everything picked out before the planning process. There were times it was really easy for me to share “what I didn’t like” as opposed to “what I did like.” Fortunately, Ali worked to understand my style and usually knew what I was looking for, even when I didn’t. She narrowed down the countless options, allowing me to choose from a select few. This made the planning process so much less overwhelming than I imagined it would be.

Ashley: With so many wedding planners in Charleston, how did you come to choose A.Caldwell Events?

Lacy: A.Caldwell Events came highly recommended from a family friend of ours. My mom and I hit it off with Ali at our first meeting.

Ashley: What advice do you have for newly engaged couples as they begin the planning process and selecting a wedding planner?

Lacy: Don’t make it too complicated – with Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media there is information overload. Try to keep it simple by focusing on what you and your partner like. If you don’t have a “vision”, take it each step at a time.

Ashley: What’s next for you as a couple and what are you looking forward to most during your first year of marriage?

Lacy: We look forward to hosting friends this summer and enjoying our new neighborhood. And, MAYBE getting a dog 🙂

We wish the best of luck to this sweet couple and excited to see what the rest of this first year of marriage holds for them!