Summer Series After “I Do” Katherine + Bill

Aaron & Jillian Photography


Last April we had the pleasure of being a part of Katherine + Bill’s big day at the William Aiken House photographed by Aaron & Jillian Photography. Anyone who has spent any time with this couple can just feel the love between the two of them. They are two of the kindest and most thoughtful people we have been fortunate enough to work with. Their wedding was elegant and timeless with GORGEOUS greenery draped across the dinner tables and hints of black, white, & gold throughout the venue. Getting to catch up with the couple was definitely a treat!

Ashley: It is hard to believe it has already been over a year since you and Bill tied the knot at the William Aiken House. How has the first year of marriage life treated you both?

Katherine: The first year flew by! We did not take our honeymoon until about five months after the wedding, which worked out really well because we still had something fun to look forward to and it gave me something else to plan! Our first year of marriage was certainly not slow-paced. We are working on some home renovations at the moment and Bill finished his MBA program this spring.

Ashley: Looking back on your wedding day, what part of the day stands out the most to you and why?

Katherine: Hands down my favorite part of the wedding day was being surrounded by all the people we love. We had a relatively small wedding and it was unbelievable to look out into the crowd and see each and every face and know how much those people have impacted our lives. I got to share that day with my husband and I know it is something we will always cherish.

Ashley: What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Katherine: Ali! She made planning a wedding FUN. I loved picking out the décor and bouncing ideas off of her. Walking into our venue the day of the wedding and seeing everything come to life was quite surreal.

Ashley: What was the biggest challenge for you to overcome while planning the wedding?

Katherine: We really did not run into many challenges. Obviously budgets are not endless so deciding where to put our money took a little work but honestly, the budgeting system that A.Caldwell Events provided was a lifesaver.  If I had planned everything on my own, I know there would have been many last minute and unforeseen expenses that would have pushed us over budget.

Ashley: With so many wedding planners in Charleston, how did you come to choose A.Caldwell Events?

Katherine: When we set out on finding a planner my husband came along on the interviews. We did not have any pre-set parameters or metrics for picking a planner but after we met Ali, he mentioned that he could see us being friends. We really did click during the initial meeting and I could tell she was overly organized (that’s a good thing in my book!).  A.Caldwell Events has an exceptional process and timeline for planning a wedding.  I liked being able to see this process from the outset and knowing exactly what I could expect.

Ashley: What advice do you have for newly engaged couples as they begin the planning process and selecting a wedding planner?

Katherine: Again, look for someone who complements your personality. There will be meetings and many phone calls so you want to spend that time with someone you genuinely enjoy. Responsiveness is key too. I was always amazed at how quickly A.Caldwell Events responded, leaving me very little time to stress or dwell on an issue because I would have an answer or counsel from Ali in no time! Also….enjoy it!! Know that there are items your fiancé will be interested in and others…not so much. Take his opinions under advisement when it is important to them, but do not take it personally if they do not have an opinion. And drink the wine samples at the cake tasting 😉

Ashley: With the first year of marriage under your belt, what is next for you as a couple?

Katherine: Travel, children, pick up a new hobby? Nothing is planned at the moment so we are just taking the time to enjoy each other’s company. Even the routine day-to-day activities are better when you have someone you love to share them with. It’s like the buddy system for life!



We are thrilled to hear Katherine and Bill are doing so well and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this fabulous couple!