Sweet Send-Offs

We all know and LOVE a good wedding send-off! It’s the moment when the bride and groom are about to take off as a couple and guests have one last chance to say goodbye. Now more than ever, couples are searching for unique exit ideas that are creative yet photo-worthy. While sparkler exits makes for stunning photos, we brainstormed a few of our other favorite send-offs that are both unique and picture perfect!

Flower Petals

Clay Austin Photography

Pretty petal exits are a great way to leave one last impression of your overall look on your guests. They make for great photos and tie your wedding decor into your exit.

Streamers + Flags

Rach Loves Troy

Want a way to incorporate your color palette into your send off? Matching streamers or flags are a great way to achieve this look. Tip: if you’re big sports fans or met in college, incorporate your college team into farewell streamers or flags!

Holiday Inspiration 

Perry Vaile

We sure have had our share of weddings close to holidays! Why not take advantage of this and incorporate it in you’re send off?!

Old Fashioned Wave 

Aaron and Jillian Photography

Who says old fashioned waves have to be boring?! Get creative with this effortless farewell, just like Gretchen + Chris did! 

Paper Airplanes

Aaron and Jillian Photography

How fun are these paper airplanes!? Include sweet messages or your monogram on these paper planes for a personalized touch!