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One of our favorite meetings with our client’s are the floral design meetings. While traditionally wedding floral is thought of as just the bridal bouquet and centerpieces, we absolutely love getting creative when it comes to where floral can be added throughout your big day. Whether it is hanging greenery, free-flowing bouquets, headdresses, or statement […]

Remember when brides were choosing to not include pink in their wedding colors to make sure their wedding didn’t look “too girly”?  Well, those days are long gone and we LOVE it!  Our brides might not be going overboard like Shelby in Steel Magnolias, but we love the use of soft pinks and blushes.  Here […]

It is our philosophy that when it comes to hair, bigger is better, and when it comes to bridal fashion, traditional is the way to go.  However, we can’t help but indulging in some of these new fun trends! Bridal Jumpsuits While you probably won’t find me choosing this for my own wedding, isn’t it […]

It seems like everywhere I look these days I am finding more and more lush flowers that I just want to take home with me and scatter throughout my house.  Thank goodness the days of hay bales with wildflowers are long gone.  😉  These days people are using flowers EVERYWHERE!  My favorite new trend is […]

A few weeks ago we talked about the first impression of your wedding (the invitations), and today we’re talking about the final impression of your wedding-the send off! We love when everyone gathers around at the end of the night to send the happy couple into wedded bliss, and we’ve seen quite a few ways […]