Bridal Fashion Trends

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, I thought I’d take a minute to focus on bridal couture.  On her wedding day, Kate wore a beautiful white lace, a-line dress in her lavish ceremony to Prince William.  And, even though we can’t all afford a one of a kind Sarah Burton design, the overall style of Kate’s iconic dress can be seen in many other dresses by many other designers.  
Pippa’s dress was stunning, as well.
The overall trend in recent bridal fashion features classic materials, like lace, and flattering shapes, like the trumpet style that we saw oh-so-many times this spring.  Personally, I love that bridal fashion has begun to move towards a more timeless look.  Bridal gowns are one of the most remembered things at weddings, and you don’t want to look back on your wedding five, ten, or twenty years later and think, “what was I wearing?”

We want to know what some of your favorite bridal trends are!  Comment below and let us know! 🙂