Twiggy Originals

Boy, do we have a fun surprise for y’all today!  We’re featuring Carla Terwilleger and her fabulous Twiggy Originals paintings!  Carla takes the time to study photos of her subjects so that each Twiggy Original is unique to each person.  Her paintings are so fun and personalized that we had to sit down and chat with her about what inspires her and how she built a business around her passion.

Carla has been painting her entire life, and sold her first piece of artwork in high school.  She then started the “Twiggy Originals” brand in 2000, which now has two different branches: Twiggy Bridal and Twiggy Baby.

She first got the idea for Twiggy Bridal in 2008 when a bride named Casey asked Carla to paint her bridal party.  Ever since, she has been busy painting wedding parties from Canada to Los Angeles.  When we talked with Carla she reiterated the fact that our bridesmaids are some of the most important people in our wedding, and in our life.  They do so much to help us by throwing showers, attending rehearsals and, in Carla’s words, “dancing with our weird uncle and helping us lift our dress when we have to use the loo.”  For everything they do, they truly deserve a gift that is unique to them.  Other people may have a Twiggy Original, but there will never be two paintings that look identical.

When I asked Carla if she had a favorite wedding that she had been a part of she said she didn’t, but that she LOVES when brides have their photographer take pictures of all the bridesmaids with their Twiggy  Originals!  She says she is truly honored to be a part of the bride’s special day, and she feels even more honored when she sees how much the bridesmaids love their paintings.

As far as future plans for Carla, she hopes to keep doing what she loves.  She also wants to keep growing her business so that Twiggy Originals are a staple at weddings, just like a beautiful Vera Wang gown or a classic string of pearls.

Here are some wonderful pictures from a wedding in 2012.  To contact Carla for your own personalized wedding paintings visit her Facebook page ( or email her at  These great photos were taken by Jason at The Coco Gallery (, who specializes in weddings across the country.  Contact him for special pricing and packages at