The Art of Entertaining

Good Afternoon Friends! It’s no surprise that at A.Caldwell Events WE.LOVE.WEDDINGS. However, I must say that my underlying love lies in the art of entertainment. As a little girl I grew up watching my mother entertain for family, friends and my father’s business partners. She taught me the “art of entertaining”; traditions, protocol, etiquette, attention to detail and proper manners. I have to admit, this is probably why I cringe at the sight of a poorly-set table. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing some fun {and unique} family traditions and pieces that I’ve heard about over the years – enjoy!

My mom’s mother, whom we call Grandmommie, is 92 years old and lives by herself in Atlanta, Georgia. Let me tell you she is one sharp lady! At 92 she can tell you which stocks are up for the day, the latest baseball stats and what’s happening on Capitol Hill before even the politicians know it!

Every time we visit Grandmommie, my mom loves to have my grandma tell stories about how she used to entertain and about the people that she’s had the pleasure of entertaining.  On our last trip to Grandmommie’s, my mom and I were exploring her china cabinet.

That’s when we found these:


In today’s world you may not be able to recall what these are very easily, but yes, my friends, those are ashtrays!! Grandmommie explained that they bought these in 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to match her China. They had been living in Buenos Aires for two years at the time, but upon their return to the states, and the south, they proved just as popular. She said that it was very customary in those days for the hostess to provide ashtrays at each place setting – something we’d only laugh {and possibly cringe} at today. Grandmommie went on to tell us that it was also customary for the hostess to provide cigarettes guests by placing packs on the table.


My how things have changed in 40 short years! These may be an outdated tradition but, boy, are they unique!


Until later, happy planning!