Monogram Mania

As a born and bred southern girl, I have long had a love affair with monograms.  As a child, I wore a monogram almost every day in some type of fashion, whether it was on my clothes, on my hair bow, or on the purse I was carrying.  Moving into adulthood, not much has changed.  You can usually find me sporting my monogram necklace or my charm bracelet with a monogram charm.  But, when it comes to weddings, there are a few different monograms you can choose to feature.

The first is the bride’s new monogram!  This is most often done through a necklace or other piece of jewelry to debut her new initials!

This adorable picture was featured on the Southern Weddings Magazine Blog.

Many brides also choose to have a monogrammed patch sewn into their bridal gown as their “something blue.”

This photo comes to us from the wonderful Style Me Pretty Blog.

Another monogram to feature at your wedding is your married monogram.  Traditionally, this monogram features the wife’s first initial on the left, the couple’s last name initial in the middle, and the husband’s first initial on the right.  Though the use of a couple’s monogram is absolutely ADORABLE, rules state it should only be used after the wedding.  My favorite ways of incorporating a couple’s monogram during a reception is through things they can use again.

These corn-hole boards are perfect for the couple that loves to entertain!  Every southern couple needs their own corn-hole boards for summertime cookouts.

I just couldn’t resist this monogram cake topper!

Finally, the third monogram you can feature is just one initial.  This could be the initial of the last name, or if the bride and groom happen to have the same first initial, you could feature that letter.

This photo comes from a wedding in the A. Caldwell Events family.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on monograms and their different uses at weddings!  Until next time…xoxo