What makes a Charleston Wedding?

We love all of our clients, no matter where they hail from.  We also love that they all have different ideas about what a “true” Charleston wedding is!

For some people it is all about the venue!  Here in Charleston we are so fortunate that most of the wedding venues have some sort of historical significance, and if they don’t then they are just a hop, skip, and jump away from a place where something important happened in the past.

Lowndes Grove, nestled on the bank of the Ashley River, was founded in 1786.  Originally sitting on a massive 232 acres, it now commands 14 acres.  It has a rich history of housing former presidents and exhibits in the West Indes Expedition, also known as the World Fair.  Today, it is owned by Patrick Properties Hospitality Group and is the backdrop for countless beautiful, Charleston weddings each year.

For others, the best thing about a Charleston wedding is lowcountry food!  Our caterers serve up a bevy of southern food options from shrimp n’ grits to crab cakes to pulled pork sliders.

This amazing food was made and served by the wonderful Newton Farms Catering.

Many people see the decor being an important aspect in a Charleston wedding.  I think the fact that Charleston is such a charming, southern city makes the weddings here intimate and inviting!  Because of this, couples want to make their decor personal and special to them.

This couple used lace linens that had been passed down in their family, as well as baby pictures of themselves to label the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s rooms.

Personally, my favorite part about southern weddings is the love and care that the family and guests show the happy couple on their sendoff!  I love seeing mamas, daddys, grandparents, siblings, and cousins gathered around celebrating the bride and groom’s entrance into wedded bliss.