Art Walk Inspiration Part 1- {Laurie Meyer}

As wedding planners, Ali and I can become struck with inspiration almost anywhere.  Recently though, we were influenced by all the great paintings featured in the Charleston Art Walk.  The Art Walk is an event that happens on the first Friday of each month.  The galleries stay open late and serve wine and light hors d’oeuvres for the viewers’ pleasure.

Today, we’re featuring on of our favorite local artists, Laurie Meyer.  She created this amazing oil painting, Golden Marsh.
As a born and bred southern girl, and there is nothing I enjoy more than watching the sunset from a boat in the river surrounded by marsh at the end of a warm, summer’s day.  There’s just something about feeling the sun on your face and watching it set ever so slowly and gracefully, and then immediately being swept away by the cool chill of dusk.  And this painting captures that perfectly, which is why I chose it as this week’s inspiration.

This painting features burnt orange, sky blue, hunter green, wheat yellow, and ivory, which I have included in the color palette.  These are all bold, yet sophisticated colors.  Can’t you just see using these colors at Boone Hall Cotton Dock with the river, marsh, and sunset in the background?  I know I can.

I envision farm tables with warm colored runners and plenty of candles to keep the lighting cozy.  The centerpieces would be comprised of gathered wheat with ivory hydrangeas mixed in throughout the decor, intensifying the rustic feel of the event.

I hope this post encourages you to take inspiration from everything that is around you!  Stay tuned for parts two and three coming very soon!