Spring Wedding Season Is Nearly Here

Spring 2013 wedding season is almost here!  Personally, I am like a kid during the Christmas season just wanting it to finally be upon us!  These next few months are the bread and butter of everything we do here at A. Caldwell Events!  All of the hard work, time, and preparation we’ve put into each and every wedding finally gets to come to fruition.  That being said, there are a few things that we are especially looking forward to this season!

The first thing we are looking forward to is getting to work with our new intern Samantha!  She is a College of Charleston student, like I am and Ali once was.  Event days are always so fun for our team because we all have the same vision for the wedding and all work incredibly hard to see it come together.

Samantha is not pictured here, but we will have a picture coming soon on our Q & A blog with her!

We’re also super excited for some new decor elements we are using.  This spring is officially being named “the spring of draping” at the A. Caldwell Events office.  We are obsessed with everything InventivEnvironments is doing at our weddings.

We also have some super cute details coming your way!  Our favorite is probably the peaches that we are using for place-card holders!  Seriously, can you get much more adorably southern than this?

This inspiration comes from One Wed.

Finally, we could not be more excited about the color schemes we’ll be using this spring!  We’ve got one in particular that every time I look at it, it just makes my soul happy.  It features corals and sage greens that compliment the bold colors of the William Aiken House perfectly!