There’s Nothing Sweeter Than a Peach

Whenever most people think of peaches (my own favorite fruit) they immediately think of the state of Georgia.  But, did you know that South Carolina’s state fruit is also the peach?  And, while Georgia produces tons and tons of delicious peaches every year, South Carolina actually produces more?  Did you also know that this past weekend was smack dab between the South American peach season and the North American peach season?  Neither did we, but we sure learned that this week!

It was Wednesday, and Ali and I were on a mad hunt for peaches to use as place cards for a beautfiul, intimate wedding on Friday.  We literally called every grocery store in the Charleston area to find our beloved peaches, and almost every store had the same answer: they wouldn’t get any in until next month.  Next month?!?  We needed them Friday!!!

Luckily, we did not let this obstacle get in our way.  We persevered and picked up a few peaches at one store and were able to get a few more from a few other stores.  And, boy, was the satisfaction sweet when we finally wrangled up enough peaches for the wedding!

We were able to make these adorable place cards for an intimate affair at Lowndes Grove on Friday night.  We also incorporated similar colored fruit like grapefruit and nectarines into the decor to give the event a fresh, springtime feeling.

This weekend we battled a peach shortage in Charleston, Gale force winds, and a huge thunderstorm.  But, thanks to our amazing vendors, Tiger Lily, EventWorks, and Patrick Properties, the night was amazing!