Playing Dress Up

When I was growing up, one of my favorite after school activities was playing “dress up.”  I would  wear my mama’s jewelry and old clothes and feel glamorous just like Mama.  Well, I haven’t exactly grown out of playing dress up.  The only difference is now I play dress up with weddings.

If you follow Champagne and Chandeliers, you know that I have loooooong had an obsession with weddings.  I’ve planned, revised, changed, and completely replanned multiple weddings for myself.  I’ve never been able to decide definitively what color scheme, flowers, or location I wanted for my own wedding.  But, that’s why wedding planning is so perfect for me!  In my time planning weddings I have been able to have a hand in planning so many other weddings, and, in essence, play dress up.    I have met so many great vendors and clients, and gotten so many amazing ideas.  So, for today’s blog, I’m pulling elements from many of the different weddings I have been a part of to make my own “perfect” wedding!

The most important thing to me about my wedding (one day) is the ceremony.  The Summerall Chapel is so regal, and there’s plenty of room for guests!


Could this holiday shot get any prettier?  The Binnicker-Herndon wedding was lucky enough to have gorgeous holiday decorations as the backdrop to their ceremony.

My dream reception location is Lowndes Grove, and with these views, how could you argue?



I just love these flowers!  The lush garden roses and dusty miller are my absolute favorites.  The Davis-Lemmons wedding embodied the perfect amount of rustic and traditional.



And finally, having a great photographer is a must!  Juliet Elizabeth captured Meredith and Dave on their big day in this amazing photo that we love so much.