The Great Gatsby

This past weekend marked the premiere of the movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s widely read book, The Great Gatsby staring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Before we go any further, I think we all need to stop for a moment and swoon over how handsome he is.

Mr. DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, everyone!

Mr. DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, everyone!

If you’re like me, you first encountered this book sometime during a high school english class.  When first reading The Great Gatsby, I fell in love with the glamour that defined the “roaring” 1920s.  And when I watched the first movie adaptation of this book from the 1970s, Robert Redford as Gatsby surely didn’t hurt my love for this story .  While reading the book, I thought I understood the grandeur that was described by Fitzgerald, but it was only when I could visualize it from the first movie and the many recent promotions of the remake that I truly understood how glamorous this era was.

Because The Great Gatsby is so widely read and the new movie adaptation is already a box office hit, I have no doubt that more and more brides and grooms will be deciding to add in some 1920s flair to their already fabulous fetes!  When incorporating vintage glamour feel to your event, it is all about details.

sequinBy using sequin tablecloths, gold silverware, and gold chargers, the room will sparkle with enchantment.

hairpieceYou may also want to wear a fun 1920s-inspired hair piece for your reception!  Recently, we’ve seen many brides opting for traditional accessories for the ceremony then changing into accessories that more fit their personality, like a monogrammed necklace or fun birdcage veil.

1928 rolls-royce 40 50hp phantom ascot - the great gatsby carFinally, a gorgeous vintage Rolls-Royce never hurt anyone!  For as glamorous and amazing as all of our brides and grooms are, they deserve to enter into married bliss in a classic car like this!