Engagement Session-Part 3

Just to recap our most recent blog series: when planning your engagement portraits, use a photographer you feel comfortable with and choose a location that means something to you and your fiance.  But, what should you wear?

This decision has a lot to do with the first two decisions you’ve already made.  If your photographer’s style is one that uses natural light and romantic poses, solid colors that are in the pastel family will be most flattering without overtaking the photos.

Your ensemble choice also needs to match your surroundings.  You wouldn’t want to be in a cocktail dress with your fiance in a suit on the beach, nor do you want to wear a sundress in a photo  where snow is dusting the ground.

I am in LOVE with this photo!  By Revival Photography.

I am in LOVE with this photo by Revival Photography.

Join us next week for our fourth and final installment of this blog series!  Until then, xoxo!