Why Wedding Professionals Have Preferred Vendor Lists



If you are working with a professional wedding planner, chances are, they have a preferred vendor list for most of the vendors who will be providing you service on your big day. While many brides are thankful to be provided a select few options to choose from, many brides often question why wedding planners have preferred vendor lists. An article written earlier this summer by “The Insurance Journal” helps support why so many professional planners try to guide their brides in the right direction when it comes to selecting vendors that they know and trust. When brides opt to select their own vendors over the better judgment of their planner, they are risking costly mistakes. Planners have preferred vendor lists because these vendors have proven they are reliable, trustworthy, and worth the money you are spending on them. All too often, when brides choose vendors their planner advise against or have never worked with, they end up unsatisfied and disappointed with the service they were provided.

Most venues also have preferred vendor lists because they want vendors who respect their space, property, and time. Not only are preferred vendors companies and businesses people your planner or venue recommends and gets along with, they are businesses that prove time and time again that they are worth what you are paying them to do and you will be satisfied (hopefully even extremely impressed) with the service they provide you.

The article found that 30 percent of wedding claims are due to vendor-related issues. Photographers failing to produce desired photos, music/entertainment failing to show, and venues going bankrupt are some of the top issues surrounding wedding vendor claims. As a professional, we enjoy working with other professionals who share similar visions, goals, and ideas as ourselves.

To read more, here is the article from “The Insurance Journal”: http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2016/06/27/418410.htm