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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” It is one of the oldest wedding traditions in the book and one tradition most modern brides still follow today. The saying originates from an English rhyme that dates back to 1898 and each of the four items are suppose to bring good luck to the bride! Nowadays, brides have gotten very creative with ways to incorporate each of these items into their big day and we are taking a look at some unique ways to personalize the old adage!
One of our sweet brides attached this cross, a family heirloom, to her bouquet for her “something old.” What a great way to incorporate something important to the bride + her family history to her big day.

Cross Aaron+ Jillian
Aaron and Jillian Photography

We see many brides adding lockets to their bouquet to honor loved ones, like grandparents, that may no longer be with us. A special way to honor loved ones that are missed.

Jennifer Bearden Something Old
Jennifer Bearden Photography

There is nothing more special than having a diamond (or in this case, pearl) that has been passed down for generations. Even if they have been reset for a more modernized design, the idea of having a jewel that has been so precious to many marriages before the bride is quite special.

Something Old Nancy Cohn Photography
Nancy Cohn Photography

What a special way to adapt something old into your wedding by wrapping a piece of your grandmother’s or mother’s wedding gown around the stems of your bouquet. While you may desire a different dress style than the one they chose, this is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for all they have done for your special day.

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