Something Blue

The final part of the old adage, “something blue,” is one of our favorites because we have had many of our brides get excited about this part of the saying. From floral, to bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces, and undergarments, there are many simple + creative ways to bring in your something blue!

One of our sweet brides had her wedding date sewn into her dress. Special day + special dress and something blue //


Jennifer Bearden Photography

One of our sweetest brides, Heather, had her bridesmaids dressed in these adorable, blue seersucker dresses. Perfect attire + perfect color for an August wedding //


Clay Austin Photography

One of our favorite brides, Chandler, had navy as one of her accent colors and brought in different shades of blues through her floral, decor, and rentals //


Virgil Bunao

We recently had a fun blog post about summer cocktail ideas…why not have your something blue as a fun, speciality cocktail for your guests to enjoy?


Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

Whatever your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue items are, make sure they are each important to you!