The Dos and Don’ts of Welcome Bags

Still deciding whether or not to make welcome bags? Not sure what goodies to fill them with? Well, we are here to help! We put together a list of Dos and Don’ts when creating your perfect welcome bags:


Incorporate a bit of your destination into your wedding bags. Include a small something that is native to or represents the area, like this adorable bag!

Rachel Red Photography

Steer clear of…
Waters or soft drinks. Chances are waters are complimentary at the hotel that your guests are staying at. Plus, they take up quite a bit of space and can weigh a ton.

Include an itinerary for the weekend. A small note welcoming your attendees to the area as well as some helpful local recommendations and an list of your weekend festivities is a great way to keep your guests in the know.

Caroline Ro

Stay away from…
Advil or other pain relievers. While this may seem like a must have for your guests the day after your wedding, it is likely that your guests already have some with them.

Items that represent you as a couple/ a few of your favorite things. Sweet touches like “her favorite chocolate” or “his favorite chips” are great ways to allow your distant relatives to learn more about you as a couple.

Rach Loves Troy 

Random snacks and candy. While you may think your guests will love to indulge the day before (or after) your wedding, including snacks that they could easily purchase at the store across the street doesn’t leave as much of a personal touch as unique, homemade snacks.