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It seems like everywhere I look these days I am finding more and more lush flowers that I just want to take home with me and scatter throughout my house.  Thank goodness the days of hay bales with wildflowers are long gone.  😉  These days people are using flowers EVERYWHERE!  My favorite new trend is […]

One of our favorite things to do around the office right before wedding season hits is to talk about our favorite flowers for the upcoming season.  So here’s our favorites for Spring 2014: Hydrangeas Hydrangeas might be a spring staple, but we love their classic colors and shapes. Ranunculus Photo by Meredith Perdue Ranunculus are […]

So, I was shopping the other day…like usual.  And, I was struck with event decor inspiration…like usual.  I thought to myself, “sure, we use birdcages for people to leave cards in for the bride and groom, but what if we used them as centerpieces?”.  Now, I’m know this is not a purely original thought on […]

For you dedicated readers of Champagne & Chandeliers, you will remember our debacle with the crazy peach seasons in April.  If you’re not familiar with that story, you can find it here. Anyhow, I was doing some quick grocery shopping at my local Piggly Wiggly and I noticed that they were featuring Mac’s Peaches in […]

If you’re like me and scour wedding blogs on a daily basis, you’ve probably already noticed that cascading bouquets, rather than tight, round bouquets are becoming more and more popular.  A cascading bouquet adds drama and elegance to any fete, no matter how big or small.  They can also be tailored to fit the ambiance […]