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Since we couldn’t fit all 100 of our favorite things into one blog post, we decided to give you a double dose!  Cheers to the second 50 of our 100 favorite things! 51. Warm days. 52. Spanish Moss. 53. Fun & hilarious toasts!  Photo by Jennifer Bearden. 54. Southern Weddings Magazine 55. Instagram 56. Kings Tables.  These bad […]

Well, we didn’t think it would get here this soon, but here it is!  100 posts on Champagne & Chandeliers!  Can you believe it?!  In honor of our 100th blog post, we thought we’d give you a list of our 100 favorite things.  Some are wedding related, some are not, so enjoy the first 50! […]

You wouldn’t believe it from these photos, but the morning of Mary Jo & Greg’s February wedding was cold, rainy, and cloudy.  Miraculously, a couple of hours before the wedding, the clouds parted ways to reveal blue skies and the warmth of a winter sun.  We were also so impressed with all of the homemade […]

What is there to say about Alex & Scott’s September William Aiken House affair?  Oh, maybe just that it was the most gorgeous September day and that Alex and Scott were so visibly in love that it made our hearts swell.  We loved the pastel color palette that Alex chose, and we were obsessed with […]

As we have just recently passed Mr. and Mrs. Fish’s one year wedding anniversary, I thought I’d post a little real wedding love on Champagne and Chandeliers. This wedding has a fun story that anyone who has ever planned (or attended) a Spring wedding in Charleston can relate to.  To start things off, the main […]