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So, I was shopping the other day…like usual.  And, I was struck with event decor inspiration…like usual.  I thought to myself, “sure, we use birdcages for people to leave cards in for the bride and groom, but what if we used them as centerpieces?”.  Now, I’m know this is not a purely original thought on […]

For our couple that got married this past Saturday, their wedding day meant it was game day for them.  First, the bride and the bridesmaids wore a matching set of game-day hoodies and sweats. Annie and her maid’s jackets looked like this, except they were a fun navy and sky blue color combination.  Annie chose […]

Fashion comes and goes, as does bridal and bridesmaids fashion.  We all remember the days when we were thrilled to be a bridesmaid but dreaded having to wear those dresses! Not only were the sleeves bigger than your head (even with the permed, hairsprayed, and teased hair), but the colors and the fabrics were unflattering […]